Gamification & Simulations

Since 2008, Mitchell has been conducting best practice and academic research around how organizations can use two new tools, Gamification and Simulation, to drive financial performance, foster pain free change & collaboration and trigger new innovation. A recognized pundit, Mitchell speaks and writes frequently on designing and implementing Gamification and Simulation programs.


An emerging discipline, Gamification uses game thinking, software and social psychology to develop programs that dramatically enhance business performance across the organization and in every industry.  Our Gamification consulting practice and industry/academic research effort focuses on 3 common corporate imperatives:

  1. Enhance customer loyalty, satisfaction and cross selling
  2. Improve operational productivity
  3. Drive employee engagement and behavioural change


Simulations (or business war games) are powerful workshop-based tools to aid decision making, improve strategic planning, and foster enhanced team building and collaboration. Our unique methodologies draw on lessons from the U.S. and Israeli defense departments as well as a number of academic fields including strategy development, education and psychology.  We have designed simulations and facilitated management teams in answering a number of mission critical questions, including:

  1. How do you enter a hyper-competitive market with a new product?
  2. Do you make a strategic but risky acquisition?
  3. What are potential risks and outcomes of an important negotiation?
  4. How can you make important strategic choices in a collaborative and aligned fashion?
  5. What is the best strategy to introduce a price increase without losing share?

For more information, please contact Mitchell at (416) 937 2106 or


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