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I am the Managing Director of Quanta Consulting Inc., a boutique management consultancy founded in 2000.  Quanta is a different kind of consultancy:  we implement what we recommend.

Our actionable, data-driven recommendations come from the deployment of cutting-edge strategy & analytical tools and consultants with years of operating experience.  Our team’s extensive project management and change management skills mesh with client teams and drive our implementation capabilities.  Quanta is currently undertaking two best practice studies on Gamification and Big Data.

Quanta has assisted dozens of public, private and government organizations facing a wide range of challenges and opportunities in a variety of sectors across North America.  Some of our clients include American Express, P&G, Rogers Communications, HP, Sickkids Hospital, IBM, Maple Leaf Foods, Dollar Financial Group and CIBC Mellon.

In 2013 alone, we have-

Delivered consulting solutions that..

  • Developed 2 new Gamification systems that fostered pain free change and enhanced consumer loyalty
  • Optimized a B2B sales process to improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and streamline channel management
  • Developed a new innovation ideation and commercialization model
  • Launched a pricing strategy to increase margins and reduce revenue leakage
  • Rebranded a services firm to drive differentiation and premium pricing

For some dynamic sectors…

  • Financial Services
  • InformationTechnology
  • Industrial goods
  • Communications

That drove shareholder and stakeholder value.

  • Higher revenues
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Reduced sales, service & marketing costs
  • Streamline operations
  • Painless change

Contact Mitchell Osak  at  if you want to “turn potential into results.”

For more information on our firm, please visit

Follow me on Twitter @MitchellOsak


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