Successful Green Transformation: The 6 Ps

Environmental sustainability has become a key priority for most companies given its significant impact on profitability, brand image and business risk.  As a result of public and investor scrutiny, executives now need to convert good intentions into real progress.  The tough part, however, is how to do this cost effectively while overcoming internal inertia, maintaining consumer value and aligning suppliers. To help drive a green transformation in your organization, it pays to start with a planning and implementation framework.  Our proven sustainability roadmap focuses on business strategies that target the 6 Ps, as outlined below:


  • Integrate sustainability building blocks into your corporate strategy, capability-building and budget allocations.
  • Commence analytics, prioritization and goal-setting to catalyze action.  A good start is to conduct Product Lifecycle analysis to understand the environmental impact of each product and operating activity. 
  • Stipulate that new green initiatives must possess a strong business case, including having tangible consumer benefits. 
  • Learn from other’s green strategies.


  • Identify and empower a green czar, a single point of responsibility (individual and office) to coordinate green activities up, down and across the organization.    
  • Key individuals should be experienced with sustainability issues as well as possessing solid operational or marketing experience.
  • Embed green goals & metrics into individual incentives, measurement and reporting systems.


  • Re-jig internal & external policies and processes to accommodate new green criteria and initiatives. 
  • Prioritize green activities into ‘quick wins’ and longer term tactics.  Examples of ‘quick wins’ could include insisting on double-side photo copying and recycling old PCs.  Examples of longer term initiatives could include making sustainability part of the procurement criteria or switching to more energy-efficient lighting systems company-wide.

Products & Services

  • Acquire a deep understanding of which green benefits consumers’ really value and how they impact your pricing, value proposition and market positioning. 
  • Where possible, build in sustainability through bottom-up product development and customer service design.
  • Explore breakthrough green product innovation that establishes new rules, not just follows the old ones.


  • Ensure consumers understand why your green products and benefits are different and superior to the competition.
  • Ensure the new messaging is consistent across all on & offline channels.
  • Make certain your key environmental stakeholders like NGOs or retailers see your strategy as credible and are regularly engaged.  


  • Align your entire supply chain around your sustainability vision, goals and strategies.
  • Where possible, leverage your partner’s complementary green strategies and structures within your plans  

Without a doubt, driving a successful green transformation is  not an easy task for most large, global firms. Environmental legislation is in a state of flux, supply chains are often inflexible, many employees will be resistant to change and consumer needs continue to evolve. However, there are some change management truism’s that will improve the odds of success:  create a compelling business case that generates a sense of urgency for sustainability; utilize a holistic implementation approach that encompasses the entire value chain, maintain a bottom line focus and, above all, be patient. 

For more information on our services and work, please visit the Quanta Consulting Inc. web site.


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